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« Sometimes you have to step back in time to discover true quality! »

About me

My name is Ewa, Polish living in Emerald Ireland, passionate about life, artisan soap-maker, natural skincare lover, daughter, sister, wife to a great guy, mother, friend, traveller, surfer, lover of the beach, sunshine and nature, creator of good things ☺

Boso Soap owner and soaps maker standing on a top of a rock in stunning Connemara surrounded by Atlantic Ocean
Boso Soap owner and soaps maker expressing her love to soap making

Boso story

Boso natural soaps & skincare reflect the passion I have for a healthy lifestyle and love for our planet.

I’ve started making my own cosmetics about three years ago, first just for myself and my boyfriend at that time (we got married since) and the more I learned about how bad most skincare was the more motivated I became to share my creations with family and friends. I noticed that while I was very careful what I put on my plate I paid little attention what I put on my skin. Our skin absorbs 60% of everything we put on it. This is why I decided to keep it simple and all natural. While researching I discovered so many terrifying truths about the skincare industry and this left me angry and motivated to create products that are of great quality but do not cost the earth. I am huge believer in natural skin care for your entire family. My handmade natural body and soap products are eco-friendly and do not contain harsh chemicals, animal fats, synthetic preservatives or fragrance oils.

My mission

Provide the products your skin will love, using natural materials free of all unnecessary additives.